The Hub

The pandemic has shone a light on the treatment of refugees and how they are integrated (or in many cases aren’t) within our communities, towns and cities. 

The Hub is a proposal put forward by Paria Goodarzi, Francisco Llinas Casas and Camilla Crosta to address this issue, in turn providing a safe space for refugees to gather, feel welcome, learn and engage with the urban fabric of their home. 

Their proposal, developed in response to the briefs set as part of the After the Pandemic Summer School, explores the idea of creating a hub within the city centre of Glasgow that is a multi-lingual art space that is the first port of call for refugees as they arrive to the city. This would be a space for refugees to express themselves, learn from each other and ultimately to reach out to the community to collaborate on events, workshops and performances that bring together people from Glasgow with those from throughout the world who are now calling Glasgow home.