Collective Reconnecting

Glasgow has one of Scotland’s highest rates of vacant and derelict land – if it were all turned into parkland the ‘Dear Green Place’ would double its park resource overnight. 

This challenge, with many of the plots of land also being occupied by derelict buildings, was directly addressed at a community level by Hannah Inglis, Euan Smith and Franek Tyczynski as part of their submission to the After the Pandemic Summer School. 

Their project, Collective Reconnecting seeks to activate a vacant space within Possilpark, Glasgow. It’s aim is to create a place for people to reconnect post lockdown. The activated vacant space is a multi-layered visual statement. 

Firstly, the alterations to the exterior of the building – in the form of murals and an active garden deliver messages of growth, connection and opportunities for the future. 

Secondly, the refurbished interior creates a space for community driven programmes of all kinds. This means that both the building and its use becomes a visual statement for positive mental health, and ultimately positive change within the community.