Street Art

Street Art brings life and creativity to cities across the world. 

If you could design your own mural, how would it look?

There are many different techniques that can be used in Street Art but they all start with an idea in a sketchbook at home. 


Would you design your own Greater Pollok character? What about creating a Greater Pollok Stencil?  


Your mural concept could include:


  • Character Design
  • Graffiti Letters
  • Stencils 
  • Bold Colours
  • Portraits


Example 1: The London Police

The London Police are pioneers of the global street art movement. They started back in 1998 when they invented their iconic ‘LADS’ character. They started small but now regularly paint large scale murals on the side of buildings.


They have taken their work all over the world creating murals in 35 countries and hosting over 100 exhibitions. 


They combine strong black and white illustrations with colourful backdrops. 


Character Design / Bold Colours

Example 2: The Rebel Bear

The Rebel Bear is a Scottish street artist who uses stencils to create work their work. 


Their work can be found across the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Their work shows the power of street art to comment on current events. 


They have created several works relating to the pandemic and works to support key workers.


Stencils / Social Commentary


Find out more here

Example 3: Mark Worst

Mark Worst is a Paisley mural artist with a background in graffiti. He now specialises in large scale mural work. 


Mark started off creating letter based graffiti, while also incorporating characters into his paintings. 


Marks journey is very inspiring as it shows the potential career path for someone who is interested in graffiti and the cultures that surround it. 


Graffiti Letters / Portraits