Communities can be defined in a number of different ways and what you see may be very different from your neighbour.

Can you create a set of photographs to portray Greater Pollok’s identity as it is now?

It might be a specific location that you like walking around, a space you go to, a person who means a lot to you or a view that you find interesting. 


Different types of photography include:




-Still Life





Example 1:Street Photography

Photography has been a powerful storytelling tool for almost 200 years. One strong image can tell an entire story without any words being written, or a series of images can be just as powerful.

This series of street photography captures the emptiness of Glasgow during the Covid 19 first lockdown. The usually busy city centre streets almost empty.   

Example 2: Documentary Photography

An example of documentary photography. The aim was to document the process of sheep shearing and the farmer involved to help tell the story of the UK’s wool industry. 


This photoset tells the story in 6 simple images yet captures all aspects of the process. 


The best camera is the one you have with you. – Chase Jarvis


Big camera, wee camera, phone camera, it doesn’t matter. All can tell a story. Is there a trade or process in Greater Pollok which you think would be great to document?

Example 3: Emerging from lockdown

The pandemic is something which is finite and the coming months and years will be consigned to the history books as a period like no other. 

However, the definition of that period of time is our choice to make; do we return to the pre-pandemic world, which included homelessness, child poverty and other societal ills, or do we ‘bounce forward’ to transform our communities, cities and nations to be greener, vibrant and more resilient? 

Emerging is a series of short films developed during the summer of 2020 by interviewing a cross section of society. We asked them about their lockdown experiences and their hopes and aspirations for the future.