Summer School

The After the Pandemic Summer School was a collaborative project run by the ATP team and the Design Weans between June and July 2020. 

Noticing that there was a lack of creative and design led responses to the pandemic within Glasgow, we set 12 ‘design briefs’ about the pandemic and asked people to respond to them through the medium which they knew best. 

Within the month of June we asked 12 ‘tutors’ to engage with the draft designs being developed across the city and these tutors included those who were industry leads within the creative sector, but also those outwith the design community; scientists, doctors and others, for example. 

As a result we were overwhelmed with the design led and community focused responses from architects, artists, community workers, graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers, musicians and everything else in between. In many cases these disciplines collaborated alongside one another to generate truly humbling ideas that were innovative, diverse and, importantly, challenged us to think differently. 

All of the designs and outputs were presented at the After the Pandemic Showcase which asked the designers to pitch their ideas to councillors, funders and the general public. Several of the projects that featured as part of the Summer School have continued to grow and flourish, with many of these ideas shared as part of this website as their own project pages.