Green to go

Throughout the pandemic online sales skyrocketed where you could get next day delivery on everything from your local groceries through to handmade cocktails. The list of available commodities was neverending…or so we thought. 

As people throughout Glasgow, Scotland and the world were confined to their own abode, many were immediately unable to access greenspaces if they live in a flat or an apartment. This immediately highlighted a vast problem of spatial inequality and how we can address that to ensure that the right to outdoor green spaces is provided for all. 

Green To Go is a proposal which looks to address that, and deliver a park directly to your door. 

Submitted to the After the Pandemic Summer School and developed by a series of architecture students, Green To Go offered a solution to those isolated in flats and apartments to ensure they were able to access greenspace which could be adaptable, community focused and a space of vibrancy, colour and biodiversity.