Glasgow Climate Clock

The Climate Clock counts down the critical time window remaining for humanity to act to save itself and its only home from the ravages of climate chaos. To stay under 1.5°C warming, and prevent the worst effects of climate change from becoming irreversible, the Clock tells us we have an alarmingly short time to make a radical transition off of fossil fuels.

The first Climate Clock went up in New York, and others are now found throughout the world. A series of clocks all connected and all counting down towards a deadline, however also offering a lifeline too.

Glasgow now has it’s own Climate Clock and we are proud to have been involved in bringing it to the city before COP26. Working alongside a series of collaborators around the world to bring the latest iterations of the clock to the Tolbooth Steeple it allows the clock tower to serve the purpose it was built for almost 400 years ago – communicating the most urgent information of the day to the people of Glasgow.

To find out more about the Glasgow Climate Clock go here.