Fortnightly Fringe

The Architecture Fringe invited the After the Pandemic team to curate a session as part of their Fortnight Fringe during summer 2020. 

The Architecture Fringe was established to explore architecture through different lenses and as such it was important for us, as curators of the event, to invite people to contribute to this platform who were not architects. 

We all still experience architecture everyday and, in some cases, that experience is detrimental to our way of living. Reza Karimi, for example, is a refugee and during the pandemic he established Hello Refugee to welcome those arriving in Glasgow. His initiative provided a space and a resource for refugees to learn about the city and his experience, and that of other refugees, during the pandemic has been influenced by the buildings in which they inhabit and the spaces they have access to. 

Meanwhile, Ross Wilcock, who is partially sighted, experiences the architecture of the city in a completely different way to most of us. 

Fortnight Fringe was a chance for these people to express themselves and talk about their experiences of urban design, architecture and built environment we all occupy.