Symposium: Clyde ReBuilt

After the Pandemic Symposium was a one day digital event exploring creative, design and community focused responses to the pandemic. The event was split into three sessions which focused on an international, metropolitan and everyday city.

Clyde ReBuilt was the second session of the day and focused on creativity and collaboration to explore how we can collectively build a more climate resilient city. We heard from experts working in the fields of community empowerment, vacant and derelict land, and greenspace development before a series of discussion groups explored these themes and the opportunities for transformational change to help our city flourish in the future.

The speakers for the event were Gavin MacGregor (Northlight Heritage), Katharine Wheeler (The Stove Network), Chris Stewart (Collective Architecture) and Anne Johnstone (Fair Futures Partnership), and the chairs of the event were Julie Proctor (Greenspace Scotland) and Ruth Wolstenholme (Sniffer Scotland).

The outputs of the workshops around land ownership, community empowerment and access to greenspaces can be provided upon request.