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The learn & grow briefs focus on creating outdoor learning experiences which focus on the history, culture and nature of Greater Pollok. Design brief #1 Design a poster, a billboard or piece of signage about the history and culture of Greater Pollok.  Consider: What materials are used to reflect the local area and how can […]

How would you visually represent Greater Pollok? Is it a colour scheme that can be used in public places and spaces? A set of icons or illustrations which represent Pollok or a logo/emblem that can become recognisable to everyone? If you could give Greater Pollok a graphic style, what would it look like? Your design […]

Street Art brings life and creativity to cities across the world.  If you could design your own mural, how would it look? There are many different techniques that can be used in Street Art but they all start with an idea in a sketchbook at home.    Would you design your own Greater Pollok character? […]

Communities can be defined in a number of different ways and what you see may be very different from your neighbour. Can you create a set of photographs to portray Greater Pollok’s identity as it is now? It might be a specific location that you like walking around, a space you go to, a person […]

With people exploring their local community a lot more because of the pandemic, what has been your experience of Greater Pollok?  What is the brief for this? Can you record this through the medium of film by using your phone to edit together clips of the streets, interviewing people within your friends and family circles […]